Who’s Your Lyme Hero?

For Lyme Disease Awareness Month, Project Lyme asked our community to honor those Lyme and tick-borne disease doctors who are committed to helping patients recover, sometimes putting their own reputations at risk in the process. This blog answers the question, who is your Lyme hero?


Dr. Shirley Hartman in Jacksonville responded to a desperate email from the children’s hospital when my child was very very ill and losing the ability to walk. She helped to get a proper diagnosis and guided us on treatment. I hate to think where we would be now without her kindness and expertise. We will miss her when she retires this month!

For me, it has to be @drrichardhorowitz He has given us hope for remission after 8.5 long years of chronic neurological lyme for my @alitmoresco.

Our Lyme hero MD is Dr. Marty Ross. He did have his license threatened in WA state and kept on working to help those with Lyme after fighting and winning his case. He is on point and cares for his patients and shares his knowledge freely so all can learn and at least try to get better. He provides assistance free of charge to those who cannot afford a doctor by putting himself out there with all the knowledge he has gained. We found him when my athletic daughter who was an NCAA athlete collapsed and could not walk. She has come so far back to health that she is now married and is able to work. She is still trying for a complete return to health but without this man’s help I am not sure where it might have ended. Very grateful forever!!

@rawlsmd and me- I’ve had no real direct medical support. It’s just been me reading research, trying different things while barely being able to work.

And any Doctors or MDs who are willing to prescribe medications like doxycycline to prevent years of misery. MDs willing to be educated about borrelia, Bartonella, Babesia, and other serious illnesses from ticks

My dad is my hero… He helped make Under Our Skin and wrote politicians about this problem since the late 90s

And every one of us Lyme warriors!💚