Project Lyme 2024 Gala



Steve and Olivia Abrams are a dad and daughter duo that enjoys spending a great deal of time outdoors hiking with their dogs and gardening at their home in Upstate, NY. Unfortunately, multiple members of their family and friends, including Olivia, have been stricken with Lyme disease over the years. This led them to found TiCK MiTT to help the public prevent Lyme. And since they intimately what they know what it means to struggle with the lifelong side effects of tick-borne diseases, they have decided to support Project Lyme’s work by raising funds at the 2024 gala. Join Steve and Olivia by donating or purchasing a ticket here!

Emily Levy is the founder Mighty Well®, a medical wearables company that transforms the patient experience by providing innovative medical products, digital learning, and a supportive community, after navigating the challenges of living with PICCs (also known as a PICC line). She is currently working on a memoir detailing her lifelong battle with these chronic, multi-systemic diseases.

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Project Lyme offers extensive programming to educate patients, doctors, and the public about tick-borne diseases.

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