Our Impact

Project Lyme strives to end the epidemic
of tick-borne diseases. We work tenaciously

  • Funding cutting-edge research
  • Educating the public with accurate information
  • Advocating for meaningful solutions
  • Supporting patients through their Lyme Journey

We know money going to science is what will solve this epidemic, but to get to the money, we need large scale awareness and educational opportunities. We also need advocacy at an individual & governmental level. We believe the coordination of all four through organizational partnerships, plus working with doctors and researchers will help Project Lyme to solve this problem.

Jennifer Weis, Board Co-Chair

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Keeping Things Current

Project Lyme’s weekly newsletter ‘Lyme Notes’ provides access to timely news, discoveries, and research developments within the Lyme world.

Nan Kurzman, Board Co-Chair

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Educating Our Constituents

In the virtual world of 2020, Project Lyme had to adapt its practices to be able to educate our constituents. We produced educational video content viewed by over 100,000 individuals across numerous media platforms.

Kim Dickstein, Marketing Committee

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Lighting New York City Green with The Helmsley Building

The building lighting is a dream come true. It signifies to people around the world that Lyme disease patients are all around us. They are our friends, family, and neighbors, and they need our help. The lighting has the potential to educate anyone who is less familiar with Lyme and other tick-borne diseases.

Brooke Stoddard, Board Member and Founder of Generation Lyme




Project Lyme awarded $100,000 to filmmaker Sini Anderson for her documentary which follows the journey of four women suffering from Lyme disease who are struggling to be heard by the medical community. “So Sick” is set to premier in Fall 2021.



Project Lyme is a founding charter member of the advocacy group Center for Lyme Action. We founded the organization in partnership with Bay Area Lyme, Alexandra Cohen, and Laure Woods in order to make legislative progress with the federal government.


3,000+ PEOPLE

In 2019, Generation Lyme hosted 17 events nationally. Forced to go virtual in early 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the initiative quickly adapted to hosting   Zoom Meet-ups. Since then, Generation Lyme has expanded rapidly, having hosted 250+ meetups with 3,000+ attendees.

Research for a Cure

Project Lyme has granted over $1,000,000 to Bay Area Lyme Foundation, in order to benefit the following researchers:


  • Brian R Crane, PhD, Cornell University
  • Yuko Nakajima, PhD, Brandeis University
  • Geetha Parthasarathy, PhD, Tulane University
  • Michal Caspi Tal, PhD, Stanford University
  • Yong Zhou, PhD, Institute for Systems Biology


  • Artem Rogovskyy, DVM, PhD, DACVM, Texas A&M University
  • Janakiram Seshu, PhD, University of Texas at San Antonio
  • Flightpath Biosciences, Inc
  • William Robinson, MD, PhD, Stanford University

We trust Bay Area Lyme with our funds because of their rigorous science agenda. Project Lyme is excited to have contributed to these multi-year projects which they manage and look forward to sharing the findings with our community. We are grateful of this partnership which continues to demonstrate progress against tick-borne diseases, one of the most important health crises of our time.