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It is simple, you shop and do good while supporting our mission to end the epidemic of Lyme disease.


Shirts for Science

With a variety of t-shirts and pullovers, you can look stylish and support Project Lyme all in one click. A percentage of every purchase coming through our Bonfire storefront helps support our research.









Microfiber Removal

TiCK MiTT’s microfiber fabric effortlessly removes ticks from clothing, skin, and pet fur with ease. Its gentle, non-abrasive design ensures comfortable use on children, pets, and delicate materials. Chemical-free and always ready for action, TiCK MiTT offers instant tick removal anywhere, anytime. This user-friendly, grab-and-go solution is a low-tech, gentle, and reusable way to stay tick-free. When you use our affiliate code – PROJECTLYME, you can have 10% of your order donated back.

Permethrin Treated Clothing


In an ongoing partnership, Insect Shield provides various forms of tick repellent clothing awareness content and permethrin tick repellent clothing treatment to Project Lyme. When you use our affiliate link, you gain access to an exclusive discount program which provides a 10% kickback to us from every purchase. To learn more about the history of our partnership, visit their website.