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Why Congress Must Enact Medical Insurance Coverage Laws for Lyme Disease

This article provides an overview of Lyme disease and its prevalence in the United States. Despite scientific evidence showing the infection can persist long after initial treatment, most insurance companies restrict access to treatment beyond twenty-eight days, leaving patients to bear much of the financial burden. Barrett argues that the existing approach to addressing Lyme disease is insufficient; therefore, Congress must enact legislation to change this.



“Ghost” and Mindy White’s Chronic Lyme Story

Mindy White is an independent singer/songwriter from Nashville, TN. She suffers from Chronic Lyme Disease and loves finding inspirational stories of others persevering through their illnesses to do what brings them joy. She has lived with CLD for 5 years now, which has brought on a slew of other illnesses including POTS, Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, and Hypothyroidism. Prior to that, she was a successful recording and full-time touring artist.



Ashley Baker: Advocate, Artist, and Lyme Patient

Ashley Baker is a Lyme patient from Clear Spring, Maryland. During her childhood, she spent a lot of time in the woods and parks around her home, including the C&O Canal. She grew up with no concept of Lyme disease or effective tick bite prevention measures. She has since become another person who faces chronic symptoms. However, she has worked hard to overcome her illness and change the narrative surrounding the disease. This is her story.