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Art Therapy Gallery

Project Lyme believes in the power of community and storytelling to raise awareness about tick-borne diseases. While sharing your story can be helpful for the general public to better understand your struggle, it can also be a great way to begin the healing process. More specifically, we encourage you to leverage art to convey the deeper meaning words cannot always touch. We have compiled a gallery with several pieces of impactful artistic expression with the hope it will reach outside the community to bring understanding, and inside the community to bring hope and healing.



Cornell Professor’s Life Derailed by Lyme Disease

Joe Laquatra is a professor emeritus at the Dept. of Design and Environmental quality at Cornell University. In 2017 he began to deal with fatigue, brain fog, and nausea, seeking help from several doctors before he was eventually diagnosed with Lyme disease. Joe has volunteered to share his story with Project Lyme in the hopes to raise awareness about the realities of tick-borne diseases, especially for those experiencing chronic illness.