Funds Needed for Phase 3 Diagnostics Study

All funds raised will go 100% to researchers. This project is a multi-year collaboration between Project Lyme, the Bay Area Lyme Foundation, and Sapient.


Sapient, a full-service bioanalytical organization transforming drug development through biomarker discovery with its research aimed at establishing new diagnostics for persistent Lyme disease (PLD).

The report shares insight into the research being conducted by Sapient in leveraging the Lyme Disease Biobank to discover circulating biomarkers related to PLD, as well as circulating protective biomarkers related to lifestyle, diet, and environmental exposures. Initial analysis has led to the discovery of novel diagnostic biomarkers which may potentially be developed to screen individuals at risk for chronic, persistent Lyme disease.Lyme disease is the fastest growing vector-borne illness in the US. The current gold standard diagnostic for Lyme, a two-tiered ELISA/Western Blot blood test, misses up to 60% of early-stage cases, with many individuals going undiagnosed and untreated. Up to 30% of these patients ultimately develop PLD, with chronic, severe, and debilitating symptoms.

“Our biomarker discovery platform enables high-throughput, untargeted profiling of tens of thousands of molecules in blood, providing an unprecedented view into the biomarker disruptions involved in Lyme disease,” said Mohit Jain, MD, PhD, Founder and CEO of Sapient. “The discoveries we’ve made so far are extremely compelling, not only for better disease diagnosis but also for understanding how protective biomarkers can be used in Lyme treatments. We’re excited to continue our partnership with Bay Area Lyme Foundation to translate these findings to the clinic.”

About Sapient

Sapient is an end-to-end biomarker discovery partner for pharmaceutical and biotechnology sponsors. Its platform combines advanced mass spectrometry technologies – able to assay >11,000 molecules per biosample – computational learning, and an expansive proprietary Human Biology Database of >300,000 individuals to discover and validate circulating biomarkers at unprecedented speed and scale, and rapidly deliver actionable insights that align patients, disease biology, and specific therapies.

These methods reduce the time and complexity of biomarker discovery and validation at any phase, and drive greater understanding of biological processes, disease progression, and drug responsiveness to optimize drug pipelines and accelerate clinical development. For more information, visit