Support Groups

Lyme disease can impact all aspects of your life. Joining a community of individuals going through the same struggles can help make your journey to recovery easier.


Generation Lyme

If you’re undergoing Lyme disease treatment and want a network of people who understand what you’re going through, support groups can be a valuable resource for you. Our team encourages you to join Generation Lyme, an initiative of Project Lyme, which is a community built to empower young people facing Lyme disease. We provide a safe space where Lyme patients and their loved ones can feel supported, connected, and inspired. This virtual support group hosts meet-ups via Zoom and has national and international attendees. 

Other Groups

For those interested in locating an in person group, or one specifically from your area, Project Lyme has complied a database of currently active groups for you to explore. Go back to the Achieving Remission section of Your Lyme Journey, scroll to the bottom of the page to view an interactive map with all pertinent information needed to join one of the support groups.