Support Groups

Lyme disease can impact all aspects of your life. Joining a community of individuals going through the same struggles can help make your journey to recovery easier.


What is a Support Group?

Support groups are a safe space to connect with people who understand what you’re going through. They take many forms, especially at a time when people can easily from anywhere.

Meet-ups are one option to meet people. They can take place via Zoom and other video chat services or in person. Meet-ups provide an intimate space to ask questions, share stories, and build face-to-face community with fellow patients.

There are also Facebook groups, which offer an educational approach to community and don’t require you to attend any meetings. These groups post informative articles relative to the patients and answer questions about specific topics such as doctor recommendations, experiences with treatment protocols, and more!

Below, we have listed the most well-known support groups for you to explore.

Virtual Meet-Ups

Mothers Against Lyme

A Project Lyme initiative, this community is empowering women who are parents of sick children or are sick themselves. They discuss a common theme at each meeting, share stories of struggles caused by Lyme, and provide advice. Register via their event page.

NatCap Lyme

A network of NatCapLyme support groups in the District of Columbia, Virginia, and Maryland offers meetings, events, and education. Support groups vary in their focus with emphasis on support, education, and social gatherings. You can find a state-by-state list on their website.

Illinois Lyme Association

ILA offers support to one another and features a range of speakers, including health care professionals and other practitioners, leaving time for your questions and answers. The meetings are intended for support and educational purposes only, so no personal medical advice will be given. Learn more on their website.

Generation Lyme

If you’re undergoing Lyme disease treatment and want a network of people who understand what you’re going through, support groups can be a valuable resource for you. Generation Lyme is a community built to empower young people facing Lyme disease. We provide a safe space where Lyme patients and their loved ones can feel supported, connected, and inspired. Learn more on their website. 

San Diego Lyme Alliance

SDLA hosts a monthly Empowerment Circle that takes place via Zoom. This is an interactive support group that begins with a guided meditation or somatic exercise. Afterward, they discuss the month’s focus questions. Learn more here.

Lyme Disease Resource Center

LDRC offers monthly support groups that function as a confidential space to connect and share. More information is on their website.

Facebook Groups

Lyme Disease UK Online Community

This is a closed Facebook group established by the registered charity Lyme Disease UK. For any UK-based patients, this group will offer the best space for peer discussion and emotional support for patients in the country. Learn more here.


This group is a safe place for parents to come for support & information for their children afflicted with PANDAS/PANS and/or Lyme & Tick-Borne Diseases. Find out more information here.

Babesia Buddies

This group is not for patients who are dealing with Babesia or their caregivers. Request access here.

Lyme Disease and Co-Infections

This group is devoted to sharing information with and supporting those whose lives have been touched by Lyme and its Co-Infections. They find Burrascano protocols and the use of antibiotics to be a solid foundation but share their experiences with alternative therapies. Join the group here.

In Person Meet-Ups

There are not many in-person support group meetings for Lyme patients at this time. While in-person events such as speaker series or fundraisers continue to occur, the support part seems to have migrated mostly virtual. Do you have a Lyme support group meeting in person? If so, reach out and we will happily include it on our website!