Become a Lyme Advocate


Many people find that participating in advocacy and raising awareness can bring about a sense of purpose and meaning where there has been much hardship and pain. But it’s not always easy to know where or how to get connected. If you’re looking to give back, consider joining one of the many research, education, advocacy, or community support efforts available to you. 

Some of the organization’s Project Lyme works with or supports are:

  • Center for Lyme Action is a 501(c)4 which Project Lyme is a founding charter member. Best known for hosting the annual Lyme Fly-In, CLA organizes a variety of events aimed at bringing together advocates and legislators to discuss patient issues and request additional appropriations on a federal level.
  • LymeDisease.Org is a non-profit focused on creating change through advocacy and awareness efforts that is supported by their rigorous scientific initiative MyLymeData, which leverages community-powered data to provide insights as to how tick-borne diseases as impacting people around the country.
  • LivLyme Foundation is a Colorado-based non-profit that offers treatment grants, awareness, and advocacy initiatives.
  • Massachusetts Lyme Coalition authored the final version of the Lyme patient protection bill (now law) that protects over 80,000 residents each year in Massachusetts and served as a model for other state laws
  • Mothers Against Lyme

Change happens as a community of passionate, like-minded people come together to support Lyme disease advocacy. If you would like to get involved, contact Project Lyme for more information.    

Learn To Become an Advocate

Recently, Project Lyme hosted an educational webinar in partnership with several of the organizations listed above. The purpose of this event was to educate on how to get involved in advocacy at an individual, state, and federal level. Our expert panelists shared insight from their direct experience advocating and creating change for the tick-borne disease community. You can view the full webinar below.

Follow the Roadmap to Success

Michelle Treseler of the Massachusets Lyme Coalition was a presenter at the webinar. Her presentation focused on recapping how the Coalition worked to pass a patient protection bill. In conjunction with passing the bill, Michelle developed a roadmap for success in advocacy that she hopes everyone will be able to use to implement change in other states across the country. The full presentation is linked below.

Massachusetts Lyme Coalition Advocacy Road Map