Webinars: Lyme disease and…

Project Lyme hosts educational webinars covering a variety of topics for patients with tick-borne disease. See below for an outline of the past webinar, and links to learn more about the topic.



Defining who you will interact with, what ways there are to get involved, where and when future advocacy events will occur, as well as how to influence people, policy, and funding, this webinar serves as a resource for all things advocacy. Watch and review the resources to learn more and be presented with the road map to success.

Binocular Vision Dysfunction

Hosted in partnership with The Neurovisual Center of New York this webinar discusses visual impairment caused by Lyme disease and showcases that there are methods currently available to address and correct symptoms.


In this webinar, experts examine symptom overlaps and long-haul commonalities seen in both Lyme and COVID-19, as well as discuss protocols used to treat both.

Mental Health

Medical experts provide helpful insight along with strategies to cope with your mental health. Our panelists will also address frequently asked questions and seek to dispel confusion over psychiatric issues facing the community.

Treatment Guidelines

Experts offer opinions on the restrictive and selective nature of the updated Infectious Disease Society of America’s guidelines for treating Lyme disease and discuss key insights such as IDSA’s refusal to acknowledge persistent infection, lax treatment protocols that ignore patient’s needs, as well as maintaining outdated definitions for Lyme presentations.