Resources on Lyme & COVID

This resource was developed in conjunction with Dr. Richard Horowitz and Dr. Christine Green, who have worked tirelessly to bring effective treatment to Lyme patients, especially in the midst of the COVID pandemic.

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Systemic Overlaps

Lyme disease and COVID both impact your health across bodily systems. These diseases, while different in genetic make up, have many similarities in symptom presentation which can make them difficult to diagnosis and hard to treat.

One of the most impactful commonalities is a cell division caused by infection known as cytokine release syndrome or a cytokine storm. This is when an infection triggers your immune system to flood your bloodstream with inflammatory proteins called cytokines. They can even kill tissue and damage your organs.

For a full list of symptom overlaps, use the chart. To learn more about the patient experience, treatment methods, and emerging research, watch the webinar and read the presentation below.

Watch Long-haul COVID and Persistent Lyme: Is There a Silver Lining?

This event brought together national experts and patient to explore how these two diseases may be confused and address the ongoing health repercussions they each represent – particularly as outdoor activities increase and Lyme disease continues to be widely misdiagnosed.

Dr. Horowitz and Dr. Green outline their treatment protocols, which they have effectively used to address symptoms of long term multisystemic diseases including Lyme disease and COVID. David Roth & Laure Woods, patients who have had both illnesses, share their experiences being treated using the doctors protocols.

Integrative Medicine

Dr. Horowitz recently presented at the University of Arizona Integrative Medical Summit. In this presentation, he discussed the well known difficulties in diagnostic testing, identifying symptoms, and accurately tracking case numbers.

Additionally, his presentation provided an in depth look at how he has been effectively identifying and treating persistent Lyme patients by

  • following clinical diagnoses based on his MSIDS questionnaire, which you can take on our website.
  • identifying recent developments in biofilms and persister cells, which you can learn more about on our Lyme Persists page.
  • explaining the efficacy of using dapsone, glutathione, and ivermectin to effectively treat Lyme & COVID patients, which you can find supporting research for in the below presentation.

Supporting Research

Studies on the use of Glutathione

  • Horowitz, R.I.,  Freeman P, Bruzzese, J. Efficacy of glutathione therapy in relieving dyspnea associated with COVID-19 pneumonia: A report of 2 cases. Respiratory Medicine Case Reports, April 21, 2020. Article Number: 101063

Studies on the use of Dapsone

Studies on use of Ivermectin for COVID-19

Its use has shown a 5000-fold Reduction in Viral RNA. Over 26 Studies show positive effects. Below are the most relevant.