Public Service Announcement

This multi-platform campaign spotlights patients’ firsthand experiences to educate the public about the rising threat of Lyme disease.


Most people have no idea about the severity of Lyme disease — its short-term and long-term consequences are vastly underreported and unrecognized. Project Lyme is working to fulfill its mission of educating the public about all aspects of Lyme disease and related infections by introducing a series of public service announcements that speak to the patient’s experience. These first-person accounts convey the truth about living and almost dying with Lyme disease.

Representing the first national campaign by Project Lyme, these films shine a light on an invisible epidemic. Each video gives a voice to Lyme patients and urges the public to better educate themselves about tick-borne diseases.

Ashley’s Story

As a holistic nutritionist, Ashley followed the blueprint for living a healthy life–until she was bitten by a tick. Hospital bills piled up quickly. Ashley’s seven-year Lyme disease battle caused extreme financial hardship, forcing her to move into her parent’s basement. Ashley is one of three patients featured in Project Lyme’s “Lyme is a Thief” PSA campaign. Showcasing the myriad issues facing Lyme patients, this series highlights the severity of the disease and the critical need to increase education about symptoms and prevention tactics.

Jesse’s Story

As a singer-songwriter, Jesse’s music was everything to him. For three years, Lyme disease took it all away. Jesse lost his memory, forgetting all the words to his own songs. Compounding the struggle of his illness, Jesse went through an arduous process to get diagnosed, being told by his doctor that he was “fine,” even though he felt like he was dying inside. Jesse’s story speaks to many: if you or someone you know suspect Lyme or tick-borne disease, or experience similar unexplained symptoms, listen to your body and learn more about tick-borne illnesses so that you can get timely diagnosis and treatment.

Gabriela’s Story

As a Registered Nurse, Gabriela is no stranger to diagnosing others’ health issues. However, after a personal health crisis, she struggled to identify and receive a diagnosis of her own symptoms. After an arduous battle, she faced a Lyme disease diagnosis that left her sick for eight years. In Gabriela’s own words, “Lyme is a Thief” that stole many precious moments, including being able to witness her daughter’s first steps. Gabriela’s story is one of thousands. Her PSA showcases the severity of Lyme disease, inviting the public to reconsider their perception of how tick-borne illnesses can impact their health.