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Flightpath Licenses the First Antibiotic that Selectively Kills Lyme Disease Spirochetes

Since 2018, Project Lyme has granted over $1 million to Bay Area Lyme Foundation to support their rigorous scientific agenda. Project Lyme is excited to have contributed to many multi-year research projects which Bay Area Lyme manages. A portion of the money Project Lyme raised at our 2020 Gala was used to fund a recent study with Flightpath Biosciences, Inc. Yesterday, they announced a newly licensed antibiotic that selectively kills Lyme Disease spirochetes. They are developing a narrow-spectrum antimicrobial therapeutic that can kill the bacteria causing Lyme disease without destroying the gut microbiome or contributing to the global Antimicrobial Resistance problem which has been associated with increased risk of chronic diseases.

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What Lurks in the Woods

Life was going well for Nicole Bell and her husband Russ, both successful engineers and entrepreneurs… until Russ started experiencing symptoms of cognitive decline. They visited doctor after doctor and were told it was Alzheimer’s disease, but the root cause turned out to be something they never expected—tick-borne disease. In her soon-to-be-released memoir What Lurks in the Woods (October 2021), Nicole describes her harrowing investigation into her husband’s mysterious illness in hopes that it will help others who are dealing with bizarre chronic symptoms to find the cause before it’s too late. Nicole graciously sat down for a (virtual) interview with Project Lyme about her book and her heartfelt message to the chronic illness community.