How Can Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Treat Lingering Lyme Disease?

By Alexander Alvarez, MD 

Physician at Aviv Clinics


HBOT 101: Harnessing the Healing Power of Pure Oxygen

For more than three decades, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), has been commonly used to treat a broad range of conditions such as chronic wounds, infections and bone disease. According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 30,000 cases of Lyme disease are reported each year- however, their models show numbers as high as 476,000. 

Although early treatment with antibiotics is usually enough to cure infection, a delay in treatment or antibiotic resistance can lead to complications. HBOT presents an unparalleled approach to Lyme disease that traditional therapies do not offer. 

Clinical research showing the effectiveness of using HBOT to treat Lyme disease was first published in a 1998 Texas A&M University study. Since then, there have been numerous studies across the globe showing HBOT efficacy in treating Lyme disease.

Treating Lyme with HBOT

During HBOT sessions, patients breathe in high levels of oxygen while under elevated pressure; this allows the oxygen to penetrate deep into body tissues. As with most bacteria, Lyme disease is anaerobic, and unable to survive in these conditions. During sessions, patients experience the following: 

  • Increased oxygenation to the body’s tissues; oxygen levels rising to 10-15 times over normal conditions.
  • Increased blood flow and circulation, which triggers the body’s natural rejuvenation processes; maximizes the rejuvenation potential of the body and brain.
  • The release of growth factors and stem cells that promote healing.
  • Significant reduction of swelling and shortening of the inflammatory process.

Learn How Lindy Overcame Lyme Disease After Two Long Years 

After going through 30 cycles of antibiotics over a two-year timeframe, Lindy came to Aviv Clinics determined to complete her Lyme journey and get her life back. Since treatment, she feels more energized, no longer has digestive issues, and has significantly improvement in her cognition and memory performance. 

Message from Dr. Alexander Alvarez, MD

After practicing medicine for 35 years, I’ve seen far too many patients struggling with Lyme disease for too long. Living with lingering Lyme symptoms year-after-year can be a lonely and constant battle for the 10 to 20 percent of people not able to achieve remission with antibiotics. I’ve witnessed  patients who have spent the past 10 years taking prescription medications before learning that HBOT is a viable medical solution. After three months of Aviv Clinics proprietary HBOT protocol, patients are symptom-free and wishing they would have known sooner – it could have saved years of living in the shadow of Lyme disease. 

With May being Lyme Disease Awareness Month, there is no better time to share a snapshot overview on HBOT and how it treats chronic symptoms. I invite you to explore how Aviv’s personalized treatment is revolutionizing how to promote healing in Lyme patients.

Dr. Alvarez is a physician at Aviv Clinics with over 35 years of experience in internal medicine, surgery and is certified in hyperbaric medicine. He completed his residency in surgery in 1986 and his residency in Internal Medicine in 1989 at St. Mary’s Hospital, a Yale University affiliate program. In 2012, he completed his certification in Hyperbaric Medicine at The Ohio State University. Before joining Aviv Clinics, Alvarez operated a large private practice while serving as Associate Professor of Medicine at Quinnipiac University (Netter School of Medicine), Associate Professor of Medicine at St. Joseph University (P.A. Program, and volunteer faculty staff at Yale School of Medicine in Connecticut.