Introducing Co-Infections


So, What Exactly is a Co-Infection?

A single tick bite can transmit a variety of other harmful illnesses because ticks can carry a variety of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoans at the same time. The term co-infection describes a patient who has contracted more than one of these infections from the same tick. 

While Lyme is the most prevalent tick-borne disease, ticks can also transmit “co-infections” named: 

Other potential impacts of tick bites include:

How Prevalent are Co-Infections?

Patients with Lyme disease, if caught early, usually respond to antibiotic treatment. However, approximately 10-20% of reported cases will continue to experience symptoms even after the standard treatment protocol. 

Of those patients who experience chronic symptoms, 50% will experience symptoms of a co-infection and require additional diagnosis and treatment for these illnesses.