“Ghost” and Mindy White’s Chronic Lyme Story

Mindy White is an independent singer/songwriter from Nashville, TN. She suffers from Chronic Lyme Disease and loves finding inspirational stories of others persevering through their illnesses to do what brings them joy. She has lived with CLD for 5 years now, which has brought on a slew of other illnesses including POTS, Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, and Hypothyroidism. Prior to that, she was a successful recording and full-time touring artist. Finally, after years of working through her illness, she is once again physically and mentally able and will be releasing a new single on 10.28.22 called “Ghost”.


Mindy’s Lyme Story

My Chronic Lyme Disease journey started in 2016. I went from recording and touring full-time as a musician to being stuck in bed every day and unable to function. I began noticing daily muscle and joint pain, along with fatigue and always feeling like I had a cold, sinus infection, or flu that I just couldn’t knock. I went to a bunch of different doctors and specialists for the next couple of years, ran tons of tests over and over, and was told my symptoms were most likely brought on by stress/allergies/anxiety/low immune system. I was diagnosed with a number of things, like fibromyalgia/arthritis/depression and repeatedly given antibiotics, steroids, and lots of other medications to manage the symptoms. I not only never seemed to get better, but I slowly developed more issues, like severe nerve pain in my hands and arms, along with cognitive, digestive, hormone, and dysautonomia issues. I was so sick and in pain at this point, I spent most days in bed at home, frustrated, depressed, and eventually hopeless. I had been doing my own research for years and really believed I had Lyme Disease or another tick-borne illness. Anytime I would suggest it to doctors, they told me my labs were normal, or that it wasn’t possible to get Lyme Disease in Nashville.

I finally sought out a doctor who was specifically known for his experience with tick-borne illnesses and autoimmune diseases, and that’s when everything changed. I did testing through Igenex among other labs, which found I had a current Lyme Disease infection, along with bartonella and babesia co-infections. It had been 4+ years of being told it wasn’t possible to get Lyme in Nashville. I was put on an extensive treatment plan and within 4 weeks or so, felt a significant improvement. Unfortunately, because of the delay in a proper diagnosis and treatment, I had already developed other health issues, suffered nerve damage, and acquired long-term symptoms that still flare up and worsen on and off til this day. Living with chronic lyme has been one of the most difficult things I’ve ever experienced (and still do) but I feel like it took so much away from me, I refuse to let it take any more. Writing music and being creative has always been my outlet and a sort of therapy. Even during my hardest times, I tried to find moments to keep creating with the goal of eventually putting out more music, and finally, I have an album’s worth of songs, starting with my first single “Ghost”.

Ghost is a song about the emotions and memories that haunt you after the loss of a relationship. That could be with a loved one, a friend, or even yourself. I lost friendships due to my health issues from Lyme Disease, and in a way I felt like I lost a part of myself, so this song closely relates with one of the many difficult aspects of this disease.

“Ghost” Press Release

Mindy White is an independent singer-songwriter from Nashville, TN, known for her emotional lyrics and melodies, and soft, dreamy-pop vocals. Mindy is the former female singer and keyboardist of the Universal Motown indie rock group Lydia, and late lead singer of the indie-pop band States, which White formed with members of the group Copeland after her departure from Lydia in 2010. Mindy was a full-time recording and touring musician for almost a decade in these bands, performing across the US and North America alongside many other well-known bands and artists.

Aside from her work with Lydia and States, Mindy has collaborated with many well-known artists, such as hip-hop recording artist Blackbear, singer Anthony Green from rock group Circa Survive, and singer Telle from The Word Alive.

Mindy released 3 solo singles over the last few years, “Lifted”, “Lost You in the Summer”, and “Nothing New”, showcasing her effortless ability to write catchy, carefree, fun, electro-infused songs, which she says are inspired by her love of 90s and 2000s pop.

Mindy has plans to release a full-length solo album as soon as possible and is beginning to tease it with a few singles, starting with “Ghost”. Her new songs have an even more emotional, dreamy, down to earth feel with a slight Nashville touch, connecting the listener to incredibly beautiful, moving lyrics, addicting melodies, and simple, yet timeless music.