The Monster Inside Me: Live Q&A w/ Cast & Crew

Live Q&A with Director Tony Silva, star of the film Frances Martinez, and Producer Paull Cho.


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About This Event

Many documentaries have been made about chronic illnesses, even Lyme Disease. The filmmakers recognized this and wanted to create something unique and unconventional. Their goal is to show the world the reality of what living with Lyme disease can really be like, but The Monster Inside Me goes a little deeper than that.

Lyme is a whole different animal primarily because doctors and the CDC don’t really recognize the chronic stages and neurological symptoms associated with the disease. Also, Lyme mimics 300 other diseases which only causes more confusion with unanswered questions.

The director Tony Silva and his partner and star of the film Frances Martinez point the camera at themselves and show deep hidden layers of this disease to the world, both its physical as well as neurological aspects, especially when it comes to being in a relationship. They embark on a journey throughout the United States speaking with world renowned doctors and professionals that break down the disease in details.

This event will show the films trailer and give an opportunity for our community members to ask questions about the film and what next steps are to promote it and raise awareness about Lyme