The Monster Inside Me – Movie Premiere at SVA Theatre


About the Film

Pointing the camera at themselves and showing the layers of this disease to the world, The Monster Inside Me team embarks on a journey throughout the United States speaking with patients, world-renowned doctors, and professionals to break down the details of this disease. As they peel back the layers, they find out that Lyme Disease has something quite distinct: victims who sought treatment and kept fighting for their lives, developing a warrior-like mentality. This movie is about their stories and pursues the truth, lies, darkness, healing, and the beauty of Lyme Disease (if any exists).

About the Venue

Opened in 2009, SVA Theatre has become a world-class facility, specializing in the projected image, as well as seminars, lectures, and other presentations. Located in the heart of Chelsea at 333 West 23rd Street, between 8th and 9th Avenues, this venue is sure to provide a platform worthy of the patient stories in the film.

*Given SVA Theatre’s COVID Policy, you will be required to show proof of vaccination at the door.

About the Sponsors

Project Lyme

Our mission is to eradicate the epidemic of tick-borne diseases through awareness and education, support of cutting-edge science, and advocacy for solutions to end the suffering. As a national Lyme disease non-profit, we aim to make a positive impact on the lives of patients through our work.

Tick Tock Naturals

Our mission is to prevent insect vector diseases whenever and wherever possible. We produce safe, fair trade, and natural products that act as the first line of defense for our customers. You can learn more on our website here.