Examining Babesia with Dr. Joseph Burrascano


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About the Event

Babesiosis is a disease caused by microscopic parasites that infect red blood cells. The main way patients are infected is through a tick bite. Symptoms include fever, chills, fatigue, headache, muscle pain, sweats and anemia.

This zoonotic disease has two species which exist primarily in the Northeastern and Midwest United States due to B. microti, and in Western Europe due to B. divergens. Reports of tick-borne cases within new geographical regions such as the Pacific Northwest of the US, through Eastern Europe, and into China are also on the rise.

This event will cover a variety of topics including the significance and prevalence of babesiosis species in tick-borne disease patients, the biology of Babesia, its clinical features, how to effectively diagnose, as well as treatment options and suggestions.

*Disclaimer, all opinions shared during this presentation are those of the presenters and not Project Lyme. This discussion is for educational purposes only, and you should always confer with your doctor before beginning any new treatment protocol. 

About the Guests

Dr. Joseph Burrascano is a well-recognized specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme and associated complex infectious diseases and the chronic illnesses that accompany them. With over two decades of experience and research in this field, he has appeared in and on virtually every form of media, has advised the CDC and NIH, testified before the U.S. Senate, an armed services joint subcommittee, and at various governor’s councils. A founding member of ILADS, he currently is an active Board Member of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Educational Foundation.

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Project Lyme

Our mission is to eradicate the epidemic of tick-borne diseases through awareness and education, support of cutting-edge science, and advocacy for solutions to end the suffering. As a national Lyme disease non-profit, we aim to impact patients’ lives through our work.