Advocacy Q&A


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About the Event

Calling all stakeholders in the Lyme community! Learn how to become an advocate with Project Lyme by registering for this upcoming webinar. Our panel of experts will answer frequently asked questions and help you to determine the who, what, when, where, and how of advocacy.

Following a robust agenda, this event will define who you will interact with as an advocate, what ways there are to get involved, where and when future advocacy events will occur, as well as how to influence people, policy, and funding. Also outlining questions to ask when becoming an advocate, this event is sure to show you ways to make a big impact regardless of the way you get involved.

About Our Panelists

Bonnie Crater is co-founder of Center for Lyme Action (CLA), a 501(c)4 which Project Lyme is a founding charter member. Best known for hosting the annual Lyme Fly-In, CLA organizes a variety of events aimed at bringing together advocates and legislators to discuss patient issues and request additional appropriations on a federal level.

Dorothy Leland is Communications Director and Vice President of, the largest Lyme disease communications network in the nation. Through its patient registry MyLymeData and other channels, the organization drives patient engagement for healthcare reform. Dorothy also writes the blog “Touched by Lyme” and is co-author of the book “When Your Child Has Lyme Disease: A Parent’s Survival Guide.”

Holiday Goodreau is the Executive Director of LivLyme Foundation and is the co-creator of the free global app Tick Tracker. Currently, she serves as co-chair for the Tick-Borne Disease Working Group. Serving in these two positions, she is in a unique position to effectively communicate the wants and needs of patients directly to the Federal government.

Special Guest

Michelle Treseler co-founded the Massachusetts Lyme Coalition and authored the final version of the Lyme patient protection bill (now law) that protects over 80,000 residents each year in Massachusetts and served as a model for other state laws. She will share important components of a roadmap for success in advocacy and welcomes questions on how to create sustainable grassroots movements, write legislation, effectively advocate for health policy and create inclusive social media campaigns to engage and empower citizens with disabilities to communicate directly with their policymakers.