6 Steps to Educate Your Doctor (and Yourself) on Lyme Science

Many patients enter the world of tick-borne disease without an understanding of its complexities. A surprising amount of doctors fall into this same category. This blog aims to address this issue by providing the best steps for educating your doctor and helping them become better at diagnosing and treating tick-borne diseases.


Step 1: Visit projectlyme.org

You are already on our website, which means you are ahead of most of the population. Encouraging your doctor to visit and take advantage of all our great resources is a helpful first step in education. Project Lyme offers various materials including:

Step 2: Advise them to take a free Invisible International course

Invisible International is a non-profit organization that offers FREE Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses on various topics, including tick-borne disease. This is a fantastic resource for doctors or patients looking to learn at their own pace with guided course material.

Step 3: Encourage them to attend an International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS) Conference (grants may be available)

The mission of ILADS is to educate healthcare professionals about the appropriate diagnosis and treatment of tick-borne diseases. The Annual Scientific Conference, held in person, is intended for medical professionals including MDs, DOs, NDs, PAs, NPs, RNs, LCSWs, DCs, PhDs, psychologists, researchers, and other professionals assisting patients with Lyme and related diseases. Medical doctors and nurses are eligible to earn CME credits. Project Lyme is proud to sponsor this conference and help fund educational grants available for medical care providers attending a conference for the first time or who may need financial assistance to attend. Encourage your doctor to apply today!

Step 4: Invite them to attend the Lyme Disease Association (LDA)/Columbia University Scientific Conference

The LDA and the Columbia Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons hold an annual scientific conference which is held virtually. This conference is designed to meet the high standards for CME credits for medical & health professionals and researchers.

Step 5: Tell them about the LymeBytes!™ Symposium

LymeBytes!™ Symposium is a conference to bring together both physicians and students interested in Lyme research, and patients who have not found success with the conventional management of Lyme. This conference is hosted by experts in the field who can guide your doctor on alternative approaches to treating tick-borne diseases.

Step 6: Review past LivLyme Summit

The LivLyme Summit is a yearly conference featuring 20 different experts, researchers, clinicians, and government officials covering topics from alpha-gal allergies to Lyme-X. The foundation is a nonprofit organization providing financial assistance to families of children suffering from Lyme disease, funding scientists for Lyme and tick-borne disease research, and delivering tick education and awareness. The Summit’s are recorded and available to review for free.