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LYME WATCH: “Lyme Disease: What You Need to Know”

In the second installation of LYME WATCH, Jason Teich and Davia Sills address missteps of information in the media. Lyme disease is constantly downplayed in terms of where you can get it, and how quickly you can get it. Additionally, tests are still suspect and so are treatment protocols assigned by certain non-governmental organizations such as the IDSA. The more you know about misinterpreted information, the better you will be able to protect yourself.



Boy Scouts Create Educational Film for Project Lyme

Baltimore City Scout Troop 5 met with Project Lyme to learn about tick prevention strategies. Project Lyme presented an educational workshop geared at raising awareness of the realities of Lyme disease. The debilitating and chronic nature of Lyme disease make it so important to take steps to be safe. Troop 5 was inspired to take the information they learned and apply it. After winter subsided, they decided to create a short film for Project Lyme. This blog chronicles the film and provides a link to watch.



Lyme Persists: A Resource for the Community

Gus Thalasinos describes the genesis of the Lyme Persists initiative, and showcases why is it imperative to educate yourself once becoming sick. He talks about one of the biggest problems facing patients, which is that many people still doubt Lyme can be chronic, doctors included. This is why he combed through a literal mountain of legitimate, peer- reviewed studies out there supporting it to set things straight. Learn more about his story and what made him want to work with Project Lyme to make a difference with Lyme Persists.



How to Reclaim Intimacy When You’re Chronically Sick

Like many chronic illnesses, persistent Lyme disease can wreak havoc on your hormones, resulting in loss of libido and sexual dysfunction, among other painful symptoms. This can strain relationships just at a time when partners need each other’s support the most. Dr. Joseph Trunzo, a psychologist and the author of Living Beyond Lyme: Reclaim Your Life from Lyme Disease and Chronic Illness (Changemakers Books, 2018), spoke with Project Lyme about how individuals can preserve intimacy in their relationship while coping with Lyme disease or chronic illness.