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Grace is running the New Yorker Half-marathon this May. She is using her platform to raise funds for Project Lyme in honor of her battle with multi-year Lyme disease. Use the donation form below to support Grace’s campaign.

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Four years ago, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease.

My journey started just before my 17th birthday, when I lost feeling in both of my legs. I was unable to walk, and remained this way for a number of months. I began an eight-year battle with chronic Lyme, suffering from a myriad of symptoms including flu-like, cardiovascular, depression, POTS, chronic fatigue, and sight loss, amongst others.

My case is not singular. There are tens of thousands of Americans that become infected with tick-born illness every year. I still search for answers in the medical field, and seek new treatment as my body attempts to respond to ever-changing symptoms.

I am running to illuminate the need for funding towards Lyme research, and for the empowerment of Chronically Ill patients to be connected with proper medical professionals, wellness regimens, and advocates. My involvement on Project Lyme’s Junior Board has allowed me to become intimately involved in the fight against Lyme, and I hope to continue these efforts as I progress towards homeostasis in my personal health journey.

Please consider donating to Project Lyme to bring healthier futures to the lives of individuals afflicted by this life-altering disease – Grace Burns

100% of the proceeds will go to Project Lyme’s fight against the tick-borne disease epidemic. Thank you for your support of this important cause. To learn more about Project Lyme’s work, click here

To donate by mail, please send a check to:

229 E. 85th St., #38
New York, NY 10028