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Danny is running the New Yorker Half-marathon this September. He is using his platform to honor his sister’s courageous battle with Lyme disease and to raise funds for Project Lyme. Use the donation form below to support Danny’s campaign.

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“About 5 years ago, my sister was diagnosed with Lyme disease.

What we thought would be a short recovery ended up being years of pills, antibiotics, and complete lifestyle changes. When you’re 16, you’re supposed to be worrying about what nail polish color to wear, not worrying about which antibiotics to take.

Today, I’m happy to say that my sister is much healthier and happier thanks to our support system of doctors, family, and friends who helped her get to this place.

These past 5 years have been quite a journey for her and my family. Unfortunately, there are many more stories like this – many other people we know have experienced the pain of Lyme and the difficult road to recovery. So today I’m running for her, and for everyone who has had to battle for their lives.

Please consider donating to Project Lyme to bring healthier futures to the lives of people like my sister.” – Danny Goldenberg

100% of the proceeds will go to Project Lyme’s fight against the tick-borne disease epidemic. Thank you for your support of this important cause. To learn more about Project Lyme’s work, click here

To donate by mail, please send a check to:

229 E. 85th St., #38
New York, NY 10028