Watch: Awareness & Prevention of Lyme Disease


Awareness means many things. For the general community,  it means showcasing that Lyme is a disease to be conscious of when spending time in nature. For at risk populations living in endemic areas, it means knowing how to prevent transmission and identify symptoms before you ends up with persistent infection.

Keep in mind, you do not have to find a tick or have a bullseye rash to have been transmitted with Lyme. Ticks can bite and dislodge before you ever get a chance to identify it. Make sure you are educated on symptoms.

Take precautions when outside. Cover your skin and be vigilant about checking for ticks. Be prepared that in some areas you may consistently have to find and remove ticks.
It doesn’t take much time but it can make all the difference. Watch the video to see the entirety of our suggested prevention strategies.

Project Lyme: Awareness & Prevention of Lyme Disease from Project Lyme on Vimeo.