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Jacksonville Lyme disease patients say they had to ask a dozen times for a test

There is a history of misdiagnosis and underdiagnosis of tick-borne diseases across the country, but especially in Florida. Dr. Kerry Clark of UNF states that tests are not sensitive enough and cases are getting missed. In addition to testing issues, doctors in Florida don't consider tick-borne disease as a part of their clinical evaluation, leading one woman to a dozen different doctors before figuring out what was wrong with her child. Project Lyme board member Melissa Bell joined ABC News Jacksonville on Wednesday morning to support these claims with her own son's story of misdiagnosis and illness



How Does Lyme Disease Affect Your Hormones?

Lyme disease has the potential to impact nearly every single system in our body including our brain, gut, endocrine system, nervous system, reproductive system, and cardiovascular system. This is why it can lead to such widespread symptoms that can vary from person to person. One of the major impacts it can have is on your endocrine system, which can impact thyroid function, adrenal function, and overall hormonal balance in the body. Dr. Izabella Wentz, author of Adrenal Transformation Protocol, addresses these issues and how to solve them.



What Does AI Know About Lyme Disease

The arrival of ChatGPT, Google Bard, and other artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots has sparked a flurry of interest and concern, particularly in the field of healthcare. As many in the tick-borne disease community know, there is a lot of information floating around the Internet about Lyme disease and other tick-borne infections—and not all of it is accurate or helpful. So will today’s AI chatbots help clear up common misconceptions, or will they perpetuate misinformation that leads many people with Lyme and other tick-borne illnesses to stay sicker longer?



Delayed Diagnosis: The Cost of Missing Lyme Disease

At 17 years old, Grace Burns started having episodes where her legs grew numb and she lost consciousness. She developed other symptoms, including fevers, arthritis, migraines, nausea, nerve and muscle problems, and brain fog. After 3 years of seeing many doctors who told her that her symptoms were “just in her head,” Grace finally saw Lyme expert Dr. Steven Phillips, who diagnosed her with neurological Lyme disease plus co-infections. Now on her path to recovery, she is spreading awareness about the delay in answers and why the medical system needs to change.