As an Initiative of Project Lyme, Generation Lyme seeks to educate and empower those impacted by Lyme disease through storytelling. Below are some of our community’s stories.

Jess - 1

Gen Lyme Member and Advocate, Jess

“I am 27 years old and reside in Seattle, Washington. In late 2018, I was diagnosed with multiple tick-borne illnesses, mold toxicity, mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS) and small fiber neuropathy. Tick-borne illness destroyed everything I had going in life. In two short years it took away my career, my relationship, friends, my sanity and my freedom. I became a slave to my own body and was no longer in control. I’m not telling you about the dark times for sympathy. I am telling you because I want to give you a glimmer of hope that one day you will see the positives of this disease. If there is one thing I can share with anyone who is new to battling tick-borne illness, it’s that this disease will bring light to your life as soon as you learn patience.” – Jess, Patient Advocate

brook pic

Gen Lyme Co-founder, Brooke Stoddard

“I am a co-founder of Generation Lyme and helped to develop this Instagram account, but I was scared to be interviewed for this project. Even though I speak openly about my Lyme disease experience with my family, friends, and co-workers, this is the first time I am publicly telling my story. I contracted Lyme disease in 2009, I was diagnosed in 2013, and I have been treating it for five years. I am over 95% recovered. When I contracted Lyme disease, I worried that Lyme disease would make my life harder. And it did. It was so tough. But I continued to pursue my goals. I made lifestyle changes to minimize Lyme disease symptoms, which allowed me to continue to advance in my career, graduate from business school, and work abroad in India.” – Brooke, Investment Manager

Martha Putney Photo

Gen Lyme Member, Martha Putney

“I had to wake up every day and tell myself I’m okay and I’m going to be okay. This is just a season and I will get my life back. I just had to stay positive throughout all of it because as soon as your mental health starts to sink, your body feels the weight of that, as well. Your mental health throughout all of it is just as important as your physical health so staying strong mentally, even when you don’t feel well at all, is so important. Positive thinking really does have the ability to transform your circumstances.” – Martha, Chef