The Red Ring: Live Q&A w/ Cast & Crew

Project Lyme is excited to present this event raising awareness of upcoming Lyme disease documentary, The Red Ring.


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About This Event

Lyme disease is more than a seasonal scare. In reality, it is a growing epidemic impacting millions in over 65 countries world wide. The Red Ring seeks to raise awareness and dispel the stigma that Lyme is not something to be concerned about. The director, Joonas Berghäll, who suffers from chronic Lyme disease and other tick-borne infections, seeks a cure for his illness. Joonas meets with numerous patients, doctors, researchers and experts from around the world in search for an answer to the core questions: Why is the illness not taken seriously? Why are there hundreds of millions of people suffering?

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Stream the Film

In congruence with the world-wide theatrical premier, Project Lyme is happy to offer the exclusive opportunity to rent and stream this film in the United States for the entirety of Lyme Awareness Month. It will become available to stream via the link below on May 1st.

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