Managing Relationships w/ Chronic Illness

Project Lyme is excited to present this event in partnership with Audrey Amir and Dr. Ian Haag. These married mental health professionals treat a variety of chronic illness patients, including those impacted by tick-borne diseases.


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About This Event

Tick-borne disease impact many aspects of physical and mental health. Symptoms like fatigue and body aches leave people bedridden. Neurological effects like depression, anxiety, brain fog, and speech issues make many patients hard to reach or understand.

These debilitating symptoms can impact patients relationships as well. Things like communication or intimacy are likely affected for people suffering from chronic illness. These issues may extend to friends and family, or even with your significant other. However, there is still plenty of reason for hope. Learning coping mechanisms can re-strengthen your connections, and allow you to maintain a healthy personal community.

Join therapist Audrey Amir and her husband, psychologist Dr. Ian Haag, as they guide patients and their loved ones through the process of finding happiness in the face of adversity.

Newlyweds, Alexis and Sean Hill will help to round out the panel. We will explore how Alexis’s diagnosis impacted their relationship, and the ways they relied on each other to push through to achieve success despite chronic illness.