Love in the Face of Lyme

There is love—all different kinds of love—even in the face of Lyme. We celebrated on 2/13/2021 as we put on a Valentine’s Day concert for the community.


This event featured musical acts by

Jesse Ruben, a renowned Singer-Songwriter & Lyme patient who was joined by his wife to tell their story of enduring love through diagnosis.

Hey, King!, Lyme survivor Natalie London & her partner Taylor Plecity inspired hope in upcoming record with “ANTI-“.

Jennifer Hoffmann, a classical singer & Lyme patient on a path to recovery shared her lasting love of music.

Project Lyme was thrilled to present this event for free, but we encouraged donations to support our organization as we continue to fight for Lyme patients and make efforts to eradicate the epidemic of tick-borne diseases.