Hope, Healing, and Purpose with Kim Strother


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About The Event

Project Lyme is a leading Lyme and tick-borne disease nonprofit dedicated to conquering Lyme through research and education. Project Lyme has awarded over $1.5 million for Lyme and tick-borne disease research to date. Project Lyme funded projects have led to unprecedented advances in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of tick-borne illness. Learn more about our work here.

We are thrilled to present Hope, Healing, and Purpose with Kim Strother, benefiting Project Lyme on Monday, October, 16th at The Lunchroom in Chicago. Strother will join us from New York for a lively moderated conversation, with a very special soon-to-be-announced moderator. During the two-hour event, guests will sip on mimosas and enjoy a completely gluten-free brunch spread curated by the chef at The Lunchroom by Space 519. Guests will have the chance to mingle and connect over their shared journey.

Strother will cover her journey with Lyme disease, her full-circle approach to wellness, how she finds gratitude in her day-to-day life, and how she never lost hope through her journey.

A small silent auction and raffle will be held throughout the event. Tickets are limited and first come, first serve.

If you are interested in sponsoring Hope, Healing, and Purpose or making an in-kind auction item donation, please send a note to info@amorescopr.com.

We are proud to partner on this event with the Illinois Lyme Association (ILA), which is a dedicated non-profit organization with a mission to raise awareness and educate the public about Lyme and other tick-borne diseases. The organization seeks to empower those affected in the region through education, diagnosis, and treatment resources.

Guest of Honor + Speaker

Kim Strother is a wellness coach, personal trainer, and yoga instructor. As being aptly named one of LA’s top celebrity trainers, she has spent 2 decades creating individualized health programs for clients including popular her 30 Day Transformation Program and In Home Bootcamp. Kim is a featured fitness instructor on the Melissa Wood Health App and has taught for various studios and workshops across the country including Yoga Glo, Barry’s Bootcamp, Bandier, SXSW and Summit Series.

Kim’s full-circle approach to wellness comes from an underlying belief in bio-individuality. She believes that each and every person has unique needs, that personal differences in anatomy, metabolism, and body composition all influence overall health in what makes you feel your best.

As a nutritional consultant, Kim’s obsession with integrative health is a personal one. In 2013, after many months of struggling with extreme fatigue, she was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Kim’s personal journey toward recovery ultimately led her to nutritional nourishment and integrative wellness as a means of healing.

Kim wholeheartedly believes that wellness is a deeply individualized journey. Kim’s approach includes an equal dose of fitness, functional nutrition, and mindfulness. Her goal is to create accessible wellness plans for anyone seeking to become a healthier version of themselves.


Lauren Less is a therapist, content creator, and real estate professional. She has combined her passions for food and helping others and created a space people can visit for allergy-friendly recipes, chronic illness support, non-toxic lifestyle suggestions, and health and wellness tips! Through her own journey with chronic illness and Lyme, she has developed a holistic view of healing and focuses on inspiring and empowering others.


Ali Moresco is the founder of Moresco Public Relations + Communications. Once focusing on entertainment PR and talent relations, Moresco made a pivot to healthcare PR four years ago when her world was turned upside down by an undiagnosed illness. It took her two years and eight specialists to find a doctor who would eventually crack the case- multiple complex chronic diseases and tick-borne diseases. Fortunately, Moresco pulls her experience living with chronic disease and “professional patient” skills to provide clients with experience-backed communications strategies in building loyal, long-lasting relationships with both media and patient communities.

Guest Speakers

Jennifer Russell is the Founder, CEO, and Executive Director of the Illinois Lyme Association (ILA). In 2012, her life took a profound turn when her 7-year-old daughter Lauryn became seriously ill with a mysterious set of symptoms. After numerous doctors and several misdiagnoses, Jennifer learned her daughter had late-stage Lyme disease.Fueled by her family’s journey to get an accurate diagnosis for Lauryn and the knowledge that many people face the same obstacles, Jennifer formed ILA with a mission to provide support, awareness, and education to individuals and families affected by Lyme disease throughout Illinois. Jennifer’s dedication and tireless efforts have resulted in a medical provider protection act, the creation of a Lyme disease task force, state-regulated insurance coverage for tick-borne diseases, a partnership with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, and more.

Lauryn Russell is the daughter of Jennifer Russell and the inspiration behind Illinois Lyme Association. She was diagnosed with late stage Lyme disease at 7 years of age and experienced memory loss, debilitating fatigue, and excruciating joint pain. Some days, the simplest tasks became monumental challenges.After four years of treatment, Lauryn reached remission. To help others, she bravely shared her Lyme disease story in front of legislators at the Illinois State Capitol. In 2018, the Lauryn Russell Lyme Disease Prevention and Protection Law was passed to protect medical providers who treat people with tick-borne diseases. Now a senior in high school, she’s an honor roll student, gifted guitarist, an avid outdoor enthusiast, and she’s eagerly applying to colleges. No matter where her future takes her, Lauryn knows she will continue to share her Lyme story in the hopes of encouraging and inspiring others.

Special Guests

Cindy Luffred (Revealing Soul) is a spiritual medium and the founder of Revealing Soul- Luffred works with clients to connect with their souls, uncovering their purpose and enlightening their path. Cindy works with thousands of clients a year across the Globe and is on the Rolodex of CEOs and celebrities alike. Cindy, founder of Revealing Soul and Spiritual Medium, will use aura photography to capture your energy field and through her intuitive senses, help you understand the meaning behind the photograph. More on aura photos on Cindy’s website.

Bridget Rose (Intuitively Bridget) is an intuitive guide and the founder of Intuitively Bridget. Bridget works with clients to help them hear the sound of their souls to take practical steps toward their dreams. Bridget works with clients on a national scale to tap into their intuition and build blueprints to their lives that match. Bridget will join us to pull spirit cards and give mini-intuitive readings. More on Bridget’s guidance on her website.

Event Moderator

To be announced!

In-Kind Sponsors

Alexandra Design Co. is a small business specializing in custom signage, décor, and event styling. We are dedicated to creating impactful and personal touches to any event. At the core of our business is the love to celebrate, and it shines through in our work! Alexandra Design Co. is a Lyme warrior-founded business!