Jill has spent several years advocating for newborns through Save Babies Through Screening Foundation (SBTS), for which she served as National Director for Education and Awareness, and then President. Jill’s advocacy work was put on hold abruptly in 2016 when her daughter was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Her daughter’s prolonged diagnosis, acute symptoms, and chronic effects all opened Jill’s eyes up to how debilitating this disease can be to the human body, and inspired Jill to diversify her advocacy work to include awareness and education about Lyme disease.

Jill’s advocacy work led to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services issuing a nationwide letter informing parents of their comprehensive newborn screening options. She was also executive producer of an educational video called “One Foot at a Time.”

Jill has also represented nonprofit organizations at UNICEF Global Health Meeting, Yale University, and National Institutes of Health.