Our Mission

Generation Lyme is a community built to empower people facing Lyme disease. As an initiative of Project Lyme, we provide a safe space where Lyme patients and their loved ones can feel supported, connected, and inspired.


What We Do


One of the best avenues of support for Lyme patients is to connect personally with other patients. We host our regular Meet-Ups 4x/week and offer multiple special Meet-Ups monthly.


Lyme disease impacts people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. Through our unique, intimate, and informative social media campaign, we aim to share the full range of ways in which Lyme disease impacts lives.


Since 2020, Generation Lyme held over 250 Meet-Ups for over 3,000 participants.

This community is my lifeline! I honestly don’t know how I’d get through this crazy Lyme life without it. Thank you for all you do.

Amber, community member

If you are someone battling Lyme disease and looking for support, head over to Generation Lyme and hop on a weekly zoom call. I promise this group of warriors will accept you with open arms.

Jess, community member