The CDC Unveils New Prevention Framework

This week the CDC unveiled its new ‘National Public Health Framework for the Prevention and Control of Vector-Borne Diseases’. It included a lofty yet admiral vision of eliminating the threat of vector borne diseases from humanity. Some goals include better understanding of when, where and how people are exposed, getting sick and dying.

In order to achieve their goals they need to effectively engage with “a multidisciplinary set of stakeholders must be engaged, activated, and resourced. The stakeholders include the federal government; state, tribal, local, and territorial health departments; vector control agencies; healthcare providers; academic and industry partners; policy and decision-makers, including Congress and elected community leaders; public health partners, such as nonprofit organizations and associations of medical, entomological, and vector control professionals; and the public, including patients.”

Project Lyme is skeptical of these efforts because of the history between CDC and vector-borne illnesses, but hopeful nonetheless.

Read the entire CDC framework here.