Overlook Estate Foundation helps advance research into Lyme disease

Dr. Brian Leydet of SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry sees a connection between the environment and disease that may be mitigated with conservation measures that include humans in the equation. Lydet is researching that connection on the Overlook Farm, a 400-acre property in Waverly, Pennsylvania owned by Mort and Sue Fuller who are conserving the land in a natural way.Leydet’s work employs Lyme disease as a model of a public health concern that has a significant environmental component, he said. For Leydet, the location provides the perfect spot for his research due to the number of ticks on the property. “If you’re going to think about long-term planning and conservation, then you should probably think about what that’s going to do to tick populations and your risk for disease,” said Leydet.Specifically, Leydet is concerned about how modifications to habitat trickle down to the tick population and in turn, Lyme disease in humans.

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